Kareem & Nour’s Wedding Celebration

Hyatt Regency Orlando – Orlando, Florida

Drumbeats fill the air for Kareem and Nour! The Hyatt Regency wedding was perfect to celebrate their new lives together. Arabic weddings always excite us and today was certainly packed with energy from the couple’s loved ones.

The bride and groom relax with family and friends in their lead up to the first look. Kareem said those words every bride wants to hear when they’re first seen in their wedding dress: “Wow! You’re beautiful!” Watch for the jubilant zaffeh band that announce the new couple before they share their intimate first dance together. “You captured my heart from the day that you were born” – Nour’s father just gets the words out through his tears and you can feel his love for his daughter. Kareem’s father tells the journey of a young boy into a man looking at the next chapter of his life. Come join them on their wedding day and feel the energy!


Videography: Lemus Cinema

Photography: Ammar Selo Photography

Venue/Catering: Hyatt Regency Orlando

DJ: Arabic DJ in Florida

Dress: Demetrios

Decor: Luxuria Florida Weddings

Hair/Makeup: Aileen Pacheco

Jewelry: Hannoush Jewelers